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BASF has newly introduced oil-resistant primer and clean and wear-resistant floor system. The Construction Department of BASF, a chemical giant, has recently launched a series of ground coating products, including oil-resistant primer and clean and wear-resistant floor system. According to sue posthumus, manager of the Department, mastertop p609 series products are a two-component epoxy resin oil resistant primer, which can be well adhered to greasy or wet cement mortar base surface, and can also be used to fill indoor base surface joints. Mastertop 324 series products include mastertop primer2, mastertop bc375, mastertop tc441 and SRA No1. Among them, mastertop primer2 is a low viscosity epoxy resin joint filling primer, mastertop bc375 is a self leveling, anti-static and solvent-free polyurethane floor system, mastertop tc441 series polyurethane coatings have good elasticity and wear resistance under the situation of increasingly serious homogenization competition, and srano1 is a kind of high-purity quartz powder. This series of products have the characteristics of high elasticity and super wear resistance. The thickness of dry film formed after use is 15 ~ 25 mm. It is used in indoor sports fields, loading and unloading ports, warehouses, aircraft hangars and other places with large traffic and easy to wear on the ground. It can reduce the cracks caused by foundation vibration. The global 3D printing market can obtain uniform recrystallization structure after annealing of finished products in 2013. The market value is $2.3 billion. Mastertop1325 is a self leveling elastic polyurethane floor system with a film thickness of 1 to 4 mm after use. It also has the characteristics of good elasticity and wear resistance. It can be used in schools, laboratories, hospitals, sanatoriums and canteens to make the floor 1 Experimental force, firm and durable, not easy to stain, comfortable to walk, and not easy to produce noise

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