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South Korea: PVC plant built in China

LG Chem, the largest chemical manufacturer in South Korea, invested US $300 million to complete the construction of PVC plant in China. With the commodity price rebound caused by the decline of risk aversion in the market last week, the new production points are adjusted through the belt pulley;, The average annual output of the company can reach 920000 tons

LG Bohai factory in Tianjin can produce 350000 tons of VCM and 300000 tons of EDC on average every year, which will make LG Chem the sixth largest PVC manufacturer in the world. LG fatigue testing machine is a precision instrument for testing the fatigue characteristics and fatigue life of materials. Bohai factory uses the ethylene products of Daesan factory to produce VCM. The most specific contents are as follows: all products will be transported to LG Dagu factory, which is the branch of Korean chemical products factory in China

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