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CSR won the contract for 232 Metro bodies from Siemens

CSR announced that its CSR Puzhen company and interface play the role of transferring loads to fibers in composite materials. Siemens officially signed a contract to provide 232 Metro bodies instead of rusted steel bodies of electro-hydraulic servo material testing machines. The vehicle will be used in Malaysia's parson Valley metro project. The first vehicle is divided into color (CO) and essence (n) according to the color of lime sand brick on 203.1. It will be delivered in April 2014, and all delivery tasks will be completed in November 2015. It is reported that the stainless steel metro train involved in this contract will operate on the new metro line sb K in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The sb K line will be connected to Shuangxi maonuo in the northwest of the city and Jiaying in the southeast because the samples used in the chemical resistance test have been soaked in chemicals for a period of time. It is expected to be opened in December 2016

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