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South Korea strives to build a strong country in the development of offshore engineering equipment industry

the South Korean government recently announced the "offshore engineering equipment industry development plan". According to the plan, South Korea will rely on the existing shipbuilding industry, vigorously develop the offshore engineering equipment industry, and become a powerful country in offshore equipment manufacturing as soon as possible

the Ministry of knowledge economy of South Korea issued a forecast that with the continuous increase of global energy demand, the market scale of offshore engineering equipment aimed at developing submarine oil and gas resources has expanded sharply, reaching US $320billion by 2020 and US $500billion by 2030. In 2011, there was still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry of the three major shipbuilding companies in South Korea. They accepted orders for offshore engineering equipment of US $25.7 billion, which showed that the manufacturing capacity of Korean enterprises in this field was rapidly improving, and the maximum moving distance could reach 40 cm liters. However, the Ministry of knowledge economy of South Korea also pointed out that at present, South Korean enterprises still have two problems in the manufacturing of offshore engineering equipment: first, the localization rate of equipment parts is low, which is still at the level of 20%; Second, although the offshore platform construction capacity is strong, the deep seabed operation equipment is still blank

in the plan formulated this time, the Korean government has set a 2020 development goal for the offshore engineering equipment industry: while making the equipment order reach US $80billion, it will significantly improve the domestic implementation rate of manufacturing links and the localization proportion of relevant components. To this end, the Korean government has formulated four measures: first, to improve the competitiveness of domestic components. Select 100 strategic parts projects, organize domestic large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to cooperate in technological research, and first use the developed parts in the equipment ordered by domestic energy enterprises. The second is to strengthen the training of professionals and consolidate the manufacturing force of marine engineering equipment. Support the transfer of existing design talents in the shipbuilding field to the offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry. Third, improve the comprehensive strength of offshore engineering equipment. Make full use of the submarine oil and gas mining areas obtained by Korean enterprises abroad, and put the technology and equipment independently developed by South Korea into use, so as to improve the overall ability from technology development to project implementation. Fourth, create a basic environment conducive to the development of offshore engineering equipment industry. Including designating marine engineering equipment to produce high weatherproof materials for composite use with 5 gold in coastal areas has become an extremely important industrial functional area, establishing an industrial chain with division of labor and cooperation, and encouraging small and medium-sized shipbuilding enterprises to enter the industrial chain

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