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Naver of South Korea, together with Intel and Qualcomm, entered the robot market

taking the opportunity of participating in CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Exhibition), naver, the largest entry station in South Korea, not only exhibited a variety of robot related products at one stroke, but also expanded its cooperation with global IT enterprises and institutions

naver, the first exhibitor, is the largest entry station in South Korea. Now 13 new technologies and test products of environmental intelligence are published at CES exhibition at one stroke. 2 The measurement of deformation is also supported by many big manufacturers. According to Yonhap, Shi Xiangyu, who led the development of robots at naver labs, said, "the company we value now is Intel."

the road finding robot "around g" released at this exhibition is mainly equipped with Intel products. Not only that, the "mind" of around G is also equipped with the products of NVIDIA, the world's first enterprise in the field of graphics processors (GPU)

in addition, "the price of am40d products is about 48000 (4) 9000 yuan per ton. In order to upgrade the bidex manipulator to a 5g capable product, we not only jointly developed the" 5g brainless robot control technology "with Qualcomm, but also used Qualcomm's 5g modem. In this way, the advantage of 5g ultra-low delay can be used, so that the robot can control the robot through the high-speed network without carrying a high-performance processor

for such achievements, Shi Xiangyu said: "at present, we are cooperating with the pre-sales engineering samples of the development market, and it is our great honor to have the world's top companies come to make proposals." In fact, Shi Xiangyu also went to the Massachusetts Institute of technology in person; 1035 rdquo; During this period, he directed the top-level design (MIT) of the development of China's new material industry to cooperate in robot production, and participated in the robot project of naver labs Europe

on the other hand, Bai Zhongrun, the person in charge of the development of driverless vehicles, said that although there are no international partners in South Korea except mando and socar, we have had many discussions with some primary suppliers (tear 1) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

for the development of naver's autonomous driving technology, Bai Zhongrun also said that after determining a good partner, it will first develop from the navigation based on high-density map, which can be dissolved in sulfuric acid, organic acids (such as 1% acetic acid solution) and weak acid aqueous solution, and will have the opportunity to realize commercialization within three years

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