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South Korea will develop into one of the three robot powers in the world

the South Korean government has decided to actively promote the development of service-oriented robot industries such as cleaning robots and educational robots, and plans to develop South Korea into one of the three robot powers in the world by 2018. The Ministry of knowledge economy released the "development strategy of service-oriented robot industry" including the above contents at the crisis management countermeasures meeting held in the office building of the Guochuan government on September 9

the Ministry of knowledge economy said that at present, there is a gap of about 2.5 years between the robot development level of South Korea and developed countries. South Korea will actively implement the robot industry development strategy and raise the robot research and development technology to the level of developed countries by 2018. The Ministry of knowledge economy said that although the robot manufacturing industry in South Korea lags behind developed countries, the service-oriented robots developed in South Korea have strong competitiveness. South Korea will actively develop service-oriented robots and list relevant support policies as national development strategies

robot industry refers to the related industries that manufacture and sell robots and robot parts. The government decided to actively support the development of the robot industry, because the robot industry will play a decisive role in the future. In the next 20 years, the jobs of all industrial workers will be either directly replaced by robots or assisted by robots. Countries with developed robot industry will be the first to become truly developed countries in the future. Robot is a high value-added industry. Since 2000, it has maintained a high-speed growth of about 10% every year in the world. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of the world robot market will reach 1.4 trillion US dollars, and the robot industry will comprehensively exceed the output value of the bioengineering industry. Robots have a wide range of uses. They can not only provide services for home life, but also be used in almost all areas of the national economy, such as medicine and industry, and bring comprehensive changes to human life

among all kinds of robots, the government lists service-oriented robots as important. Bentler Sigri's fixture has a special smell inside the car, which is a special development project in the field that major OEMs are most concerned about. This is because among all robot projects, service robots have the best development prospects, and its output value is expected to account for 85% of the robot industry. Last year, the GDP of Korean domestic robot enterprises was more than 1 trillion won, an increase of 23.4% compared with the previous year, and the market scope of carbon fiber composites for aircraft will continue to expand%. At present, although most robots are still mainly provided to factories and enterprises, many industry insiders believe that the growth rate of service robots such as cleaning robots has reached 55.6%. Therefore, service robots show a good momentum of development

in order to support the development of the service robot industry, the Ministry of knowledge economy of South Korea has formulated 10 strategies to support enterprises to enter overseas markets, improve technical competitiveness and lay the foundation for development. At the same time, South Korea has listed service robots, automobiles, semiconductors and others as a new generation of major export projects to be supported

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