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On August 20, 2008, the Olympic Games were in full swing in Beijing, and under the special sponsorship of Hongge technology, the second stop of the "Third China PAC application Summit Forum" was moved to Shanghai, and the state guest hall under construction was successfully held. In this economically developed leading city in the Yangtze River Delta, Hongge technology and other important PAC manufacturers at home and abroad shared the solutions and application value of PAC with enthusiastic users from all industries around the conference theme of "deeply cultivating industry application and experiencing innovative value"

at this summit forum, Mr. Wang Lei, director of product marketing department of Hongge Technology Shanghai Branch, took the lead in delivering a speech. With the title of "evolution, integration, rebirth, evolving PAC", he analyzed and summarized the process of the controller's moving direction of the beam and the opposite progress and integration of the tensile test, as well as the evolution towards the goal of "faster, higher, stronger" in concise words. In addition, he also introduced various development software, fieldbus and communication protocol support, a broader product line and the application of PAC

although Mr. Wang Xuan of FAE of Wuhan Branch of 6-word grid technology elaborated the theme of "PAC enables applications to be achieved" from five aspects: how to understand PAC, 4C of Hongge PAC, professional service of Hongge PAC, sharing of PAC application cases and Q A, and shared with users the application of Hongge PAC in frozen soil monitoring of Qinghai Tibet railway, natural gas flow testing and gas generator unit monitoring, so as to witness the application of Hongge technology in acquisition The perfect performance of calculation, transmission and control, as well as the professional service practice including customized service and on-site service, have led to a great deviation in the experimental temperature, achieving the goal of "making all applications possible"

the summit dialogue was launched after the speeches of representatives of Hongge technology and other companies. As the most popular and interactive link among the audience, it has brought this forum to a climax in the "confrontation" between the audience and Hongge technology and other manufacturers

finally, the third China PAC application Summit Forum of Shanghai railway station came to an end after the relaxed lottery. Hongge technology has won the unanimous praise of industry experts and users through the successful holding of this forum. The purpose of the forum "deeply cultivate industry application and experience innovative value" has also been deeply understood and spread faster through the platform of interactive communication and high-end dialogue. It goes without saying that the global synthetic fiber production capacity in East China is expected to increase by 2.6% every year, especially the products, technologies and applications of PAC in the Yangtze River Delta will have a brighter prospect

■ about Hongge

Hongge Technology (ICP DAS) was founded in 1993 by Mr. Chen Ruiyu, a senior R & D Engineer at Taiwan Industrial Research Institute. It has been focusing on the research and development of automation hardware and software products. At present, it has established a complete industrial automation solution and perfect after-sales service

Hongge's product line includes data acquisition cards based on PC bus (analog i/o, switching i/o, counter/frequency, motion control, etc.); Distributed i/o modules (I-7000, m-7000, fr-2000, et-6000, i-87k, ru87p, can bus i/o, PROFIBUS i/o and other series); Micro programmable automatic controller μ PAC( I-7188/μ Pac-7186) series; Universal programmable automation controller ipac-8000 series; Windows ce/linux based programmable automation controllers WINPAC, linpac series; Signal conditioning module sg-3000 series; Various bus converters and industrial communication products

at present, the headquarters is located in Hsinchu Industrial Zone, Taiwan. Taiwan's strongholds include Taipei Xindian office, Banqiao office, Taichung office, Kaohsiung Office, and service points in Chinese Mainland, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Kunming, etc. The total number of employees is about 250, of which the total number of R & D engineers has reached 100

as an international company, in addition to being based in Taiwan, we also have the ambition to look around the world. Therefore, we have successively established ICP Das Europe and ICP Das USA and other service points in Germany. At present, there are more than 100 distribution partners in the world

Hongge technology has built a comprehensive and efficient sales and support network in China. At present, there are nearly 40 contracted dealers in China, and Beijing technical maintenance service center provides solid service guarantee for users; The technical training center in Wuhan provides users with high-quality training services. Hongge technology will do its best to provide Chinese users with the most advanced professional information and perfect automation solutions

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