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The third Asian RFID Application Conference will be held in Shanghai at the end of the month.

following the successful convening of the "second Asian smart tag (RFID) Application Conference" in the TPE extrusion field at the Beijing Exhibition Hall on April, 2005, a new round of promotion climax of the application of electronic tags (RFID) in logistics management has been set off in the domestic user community. Shanghai is an area with a relatively perfect production, learning and research system and the most active application in China's electronic label industry. At present, some user enterprises, with the support of local relevant departments, have begun to use electronic label technology to weave a "standard logistics chain", and form a "barrier free" channel in the customs clearance of Shanghai shipping ports through logistics standardization. In view of this, through communication and agreement with China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Shanghai Science and technology development and exchange center, uid China Center and other relevant units, the "Third Asian smart tag (RFID) Application Conference and the first uid Technology China Forum" will be jointly organized by Beijing yaaite Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Beijing UBI electronic tag technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Huating Hotel on October this year

the third Asian smart tag (RFID) Application Conference and the first uid Technology China Forum received strong support from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission for aerospace materials that have high requirements for physical properties in many aspects. The theme of this conference is "based in Shanghai, promote the market of rfid/uid technology application in China". The conference will invite leaders from the Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of science and technology, the national radio administration, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology and the China Institute of electronic technology standardization who have limits in accordance with the requirements of the new national standard to introduce the latest standards and frequency planning of RFID in China. The important guests from overseas are Mr. Ken Sakamura, the founder of the Japanese Tron project and the chairman of the Japanese uid Center/Professor of the University of Tokyo. And representatives of member enterprises from the uid center in Japan, such as Hitachi, Fujitsu and Fuji Xerox, attended the meeting and made uid keynote speeches. This paper comprehensively introduces the origin, current situation and development of uid technology, as well as the successful application cases in Japan. Together with representatives of RFID companies and researchers from South Korea, Singapore, Europe and the United States, we will make wonderful reports and simulation demonstrations on the latest developments of FID in the international R1, the application progress of RFID in China, the use of UHF frequency band, the latest RFID solutions, uid/rfid cross regional technical cooperation and other hot topics. It provides a great opportunity for delegates to understand the development trend of Chinese user market and comprehensively understand uid technology. At present, more than 20 well-known RFID related enterprises at home and abroad have been attracted to sign up for speeches and exhibitions

in addition, during the meeting, participants will also be arranged to visit the Shanghai RFID demonstration center to observe and discuss the application of RFID technology in the retail industry. The conference is expected to attract nearly 500 listeners from home and abroad. This conference will once again become a RFID and uid grand gathering of elites, decision makers, researchers and user representatives from domestic and foreign business circles. We look forward to the participation of all industry figures and interested user representatives

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