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The third DS SolidWorks 2009 innovation day was unveiled in Beijing

figure: Xu Yan, general manager of Beijing Shengwei

figure: Hu qiden, technical director of SolidWorks Greater China

figure: SolidWorks live audience

this event is the largest innovation day in Beijing, and it has attracted widespread attention in the industry in Beijing, Nearly 100 enterprises with higher and higher temperature and pressure and more corrosive media have put forward higher requirements for the corrosion resistance of pipes, and more than 200 people attended the event. Many well-known enterprises in Beijing actively signed up to participate in this innovation day activity. The deputy chief of the technology department from Beijing Modern Capital Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. made a wonderful speech on "the application of Solidworks in the design of modern capital construction machinery". The technical director of DS SolidWorks China and the manager of North China attended the meeting and gave a wonderful speech. Senior engineers from Shengwei, Beijing, made wonderful demonstrations on the latest functions of three new designs and verified products, and had an in-depth discussion with the guests on the innovative design concept of lusty design on green must's safety device, 3D CAD design skills and other topics

when talking about the innovation day of Beijing station on September 15, it is understood that Wu Junjie, general manager of KS Greater China, said: "the original intention of DS SolidWorks Innovation Day is to provide a platform for design enthusiasts and engineers to share design experience and exchange innovative design ideas. The theme of this year's Innovation Day is" green definition, future design, leading innovation ", We hope that through the holding of the innovation day in Beijing, we can share with local users and engineers the sustainable design concept of KS, which is composed of five parts, including DS solidwor microcomputer control system, to maximize the help of enterprises in North China to optimize IT investment, tap design potential, and help enterprises realize independent innovation in the current economic situation. " CTI Forum Report

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