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[model contract] - foreign trade contract (foreign exchange)

Company (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and company choose the load range according to the sample (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) to enter into the contract as follows:

Article 1 the subject matter of the contract

the seller sells and the buyer purchases the commercial products. The goods shall comply with the list No1 determined in Article 4 below. The list is an annex to this contract and an integral part of this contract

Article 2 the price and total contract amount

the commodity price specified in the list No1 are denominated in US dollars. The total amount of this contract is

the price of the goods includes all the expenses of shipping to, and also includes the expenses of packaging, marking, storage, shipping and insurance prepaid outside the Commonwealth of Independent States

Article 3 delivery period and date

the goods shall be shipped from the company to within 60 days from the time when the seller's Bank notifies and confirms a valid Letter of credit that is consistent with the amount listed in Article 2, which is widely used in helicopter hubs and various aircraft structures targeted by the current aluminum matrix composite research and development

the seller has the right to supply goods in advance, and also has the right to supply goods once or several times as the case may be

Article 4 commodity quality

the quality and quantity of commodities shall be determined by written agreement between the buyer and the seller, and shall be specified in the annex list No1 to this contract. List No1 is attached to this contract (see article 1)

Article 5 packaging and marking

the packaging of goods shall comply with the specified standards and technical conditions to ensure that the goods are intact during the necessary treatment during transportation

each piece of goods shall be marked with the following marks:

- name of arrival station

- name of the seller

- name of the buyer

-- shipment number

- gross weight

- net weight; Volume (expressed in cubic meters)

Article 6 payment

the buyer shall open an irrevocable, divisible and transferable documentary credit in favor of the seller within 20 working days after the signing of this contract. The total amount of the letter of credit is stated in Article 2 of the contract, and its validity period is at least 80 days

The letter of credit shall be opened and confirmed by a legally recognized bank selected by the seller. Payment shall be made by letter of credit against the following documents submitted by the seller to the bank:

-- invoice in triplicate

- a full set of transportation documents in the name of the buyer

-- three copies of packing list

- copy of this contract

- all banking charges within the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States shall be borne by the buyer, and all banking charges outside the Commonwealth of Independent States shall be borne by the seller

Article 7 handover of commodities

all commodities shall be inspected by inspectors for necessary quantity and quality

the conclusion of the inspector is the final conclusion, and the buyer and the Seller shall not dispute it

the remaining part can be rejected and returned by the buyer. The buyer shall keep the rejected goods separately and bear this responsibility for the convenience of possible inspection by the seller, the supplier and the inspectors. If the rejection of 80 ~ 100hrh is confirmed, the goods will be automatically transferred to the seller, and the seller will decide the disposal of the goods at its own discretion, and the storage fee of the goods will be paid by the supplier

Article 8 Insurance

according to Article 2 above, the goods shall be insured by before they arrive at the port

Article 9 quality assurance

the quality of goods shall comply with list No1 (see article 4 above). The buyer is not obliged to receive goods that do not conform to the list No1 (see article 4)

the buyer may return the goods that have not been accepted without explanation and proof (see article 10 below)

according to Article 10 below, the Seller shall replace the goods that have not been received in full within 30 days after receiving the buyer's well reasoned claim, so as to ensure that the goods are delivered in full accordance with the provisions of this contract

Article 10 claim

when the goods arrive, the buyer has the right to claim against the seller for the quantity of the goods (see article 7). On the contrary, the buyer receives the quantity of goods determined by the jointly appointed inspectors. The buyer may lodge a claim against the seller for the unqualified quality of the goods. All arrived goods that are not rejected or returned in a proper manner are considered to have been accepted by the buyer

the goods returned and rejected with good reasons are considered to be insufficient supply by the seller, and the buyer is exempted from raising any objection to the payment or compensation of the rejected goods. The inspector finally determines the quantity of goods that have good reasons to reject and return

under the condition that the goods are intact or the Asahi Kasei project is settled in Changshu new material industrial park and returned to the seller without damage, the rejection of goods that do not exceed the limit determined by the inspector does not need to be certified as non-conforming goods. Within the specified time limit, the Seller shall unconditionally recognize them according to the necessary procedures

the buyer's claim letter shall be sent to the seller by registered letter

a claim for a certain batch of goods shall not be a reason for the claimant to reject and refuse to pay other goods to be supplied under this contract

Article 11 force majeure

in case of force majeure, that is, fire, natural disasters, blockade, prohibition of import and export and other human Force Majeure conditions of both parties to the contract, which cause one party to the contract to be unable to fully or partially perform its obligations under the contract, the performance of its obligations under the contract shall be postponed according to the time when the force majeure and its consequences exist

if the above situation and its consequences last for more than three months, either party has the right to refuse to continue to perform its obligations under this contract. In this case, neither party has the right to claim compensation for possible losses

the party unable to perform its obligations under the contract due to force majeure shall notify the other party of the occurrence and termination of the force majeure that prevents the performance of its obligations as soon as possible. The certificate issued by the relevant chamber of Commerce of the seller or the buyer's country is the necessary certificate for the occurrence of the above force majeure

Article 12 penalty

if the goods arrive within the time limit specified in this contract, the Seller shall pay a fine to the buyer, and the amount of the fine is as follows:

-- pay 1% of the total amount of the undelivered goods for each calendar week overdue within the first three weeks

- 2% of the total amount of unpaid goods shall be paid for each calendar week overdue in the future, but the total fine shall not exceed 15% of the total amount of unpaid goods

Article 13 other conditions

neither party shall transfer its rights and obligations under this contract to a third party without the written consent of the other party, although the letter of credit can be transferred, it can be transferred according to the specified procedures

all amendments and supplementary opinions to the contract are valid only after they are formed in writing and signed by both parties

all expenses and fees within the territory of CIS, including sea

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