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The third ethylene oxide technology seminar will hold the third ethylene oxide and downstream product technology/market (oak Chemistry) and then convert it to 3-D shape seminar and the annual meeting of the national ethylene oxide and downstream industry development cooperation group will be held in Yangzhou from September 15 to 17, mainly discussing the current situation and future development trend of ethylene oxide technology at home and abroad. The conference was hosted by China Chemical Information Center

at present, the development of ethylene oxide industry is in trouble, and the development of new products and technologies is imminent. How can enterprises make new breakthroughs in product research and development, technological innovation, brand competition, industrial chain construction, 72 Enterprise Engineering (Technology) centers above the municipal level, and downstream deep processing? There are many downstream products of ethylene oxide, and the market is unpredictable. How can enterprises find downstream investment hotspots? How can enterprises adjust their structure by understanding the hot products in the global market? The experts attending the meeting will discuss these hot issues at the meeting, and will also discuss the opportunities and challenges of the international trade environment for the development of China's ethylene oxide industry, the analysis and prediction of the market situation of ethylene products, the research of polycarboxylate water reducer and the new progress of application in different regions, etc

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