The 2010 talent recruitment of the hottest company

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The company officially launched its 2010 talent recruitment work

in order to better implement and implement the company's business strategy, do a good job in talent reserve and training, and meet the needs of the company's rapid development, the company officially launched its 2010 talent recruitment work in late October, and conducted the first round of screening for graduates in Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology in the qdlp mode of exploring the venture capital market on October 30. Xie also made arrangements for several key tasks in the near future. General manager Yong attached great importance to the talent introduction of this year and personally guided and participated in this talent selection activity. As the competent leader of the development department, the deputy general manager Duan, the minister Xiong of the development department and the head of the company's human resources also participated in the selection. According to jjg75 (2) 008 "verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine", the resolution judgment rules of the testing machine

due to the company's adjustment of this year's talent recruitment strategy, the recruitment time was greatly advanced compared with previous years, the recruitment scale was expanded, and calcium stearate 0 3. We will focus on the selection of master's graduates. In order to attract more excellent talents to join the company's team, the salary level of the selected talents is highly competitive in the market. Since the release of the company's demand information, it has received the attention of many college graduates in Chengdu area. The number of resumes recovered and the comprehensive quality performance of the candidates can basically meet the company's recruitment requirements

on October 30, a total of more than 10 candidates from universities such as University of Electronic Science and technology and Southwest Jiaotong University entered the interview. After a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates' educational background, self-awareness, career planning, learning ability, work concept and comprehensive performance during school, the company has determined the first batch of employment list

in order to successfully complete the annual recruitment target, the general management department will also make full use of social and campus double election and other platforms to continue talent selection and recruitment in the later stage. It is expected that the talent recruitment work of this year will be completed at the beginning of next year

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