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Shantui's 2011 annual supplier conference was held in Wuhan

Shantui's 2011 annual supplier conference was held in Wuhan

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Guide: Recently, the 2011 annual supplier conference of Shantui, with the theme of value leading, lean and hydrophobic, building a Chinese model of construction machinery supply chain, was held in Wuhan, Nearly 600 representatives of electronic universal testing machines and hydraulic universal testing machines from more than 300 high-resolution commercial enterprises across the country, which have guaranteed the experimental power, were all suppliers of material mechanics testing instruments. For a long time, Shantui suppliers have been adhering to the principle of win-win

recently, the 2011 supplier conference of Shantui Co., Ltd. with the theme of "value leadership, lean excellence - building a Chinese model of construction machinery supply chain" was held in Wuhan, and nearly 600 supplier representatives from more than 300 supplier enterprises across the country attended the conference. All along, Shantui suppliers have worked together with Shantui to build a "construction machinery manufacturer with core technology, international competitiveness and sustainable development" based on the concept of win-win and mutual trust

at present, Shantui is committed to the transformation and upgrading of three platforms including erp1268 project, human resources improvement and lean production promotion. Among them, lean production promotion project is the reconstruction of traditional production mode and supplier management mode. By formulating and issuing supplier management manuals, standardizing the supplier introduction and elimination mechanism, and sending quality inspectors to conduct on-site supervision and guidance on suppliers, it further improved the quality management awareness and level of all suppliers. At the same time, with the support of the world-class American engineering technology research and development center, "quality prevention basic management improvement - quality control 4m elements" to guide and support suppliers. Since August 10, Japanese experts and members of the supplier improvement team have trained 800 Supplier personnel, supported 281 supplier production site improvement activities, and guided 261 suppliers in total. The supplier conference held this time is not only a summary of Shantui's lean production promotion work, but also puts forward higher requirements for the next step of supplier improvement

in 2012, Shantui will continue to devote itself to the promotion of lean production, strive to improve the management level of Shantui's suppliers in terms of quality, delivery time, price, etc., and strive to build Shantui into a lean production model in China's construction machinery industry

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