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Bisheng 2010 printing innovation forum is about to open

in the winter of 2009, Bisheng organized a summit forum with the theme that only innovation can develop, which attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs in the printing industry. Everyone gathered together to discuss the development strategy of getting rid of the economic crisis and seeking survival. In 2010, Bisheng once again issued a rally order with innovation as the theme, convening industry experts, printing entrepreneurs and scholars to discuss how printing enterprises can comply with the development trend of green printing in the digital era, integrate resources with external forces, straighten out the internal burden, and take the road of sustainable and healthy development

no doubt, the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator is the main theme of today. Taking the green road is the inevitable trend of the development of the printing industry, and printing enterprises must be prepared in advance. It will generate friction between the pendulum bearings. Green not only means low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, but also represents high-tech, high efficiency, high production capacity and low cost. For printing enterprises, the former is the need of national policy; The latter is the need to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and accelerate development. To this end, Bisheng will meticulously organize a green printing Summit Forum entitled "Digital Age" in November 2010, so as to start the topic, and explore green printing solutions in the digital age through three topics: green operation mode, green printing technology and green printing practice

in the green operation mode, Bisheng will invite industry-leading printing equipment and software suppliers to introduce how to shorten the printing process, reduce costs, improve efficiency and printing quality, and explore new business models from the aspects of digital workflow, industrial printing production, networking to printing, digital publishing process, etc; In the aspect of green printing technology, industry experts will interpret the connotation and extension of green printing technology. The speakers will introduce to the audience the latest progress of Prepress digital platform, green plate making technology, in machine detection technology, post press production, green consumables and waste materials recycling technology, which can create materials with wide softness and flexibility, and the changes they can bring to enterprises; Finally, Bisheng will invite representative printing enterprises to introduce their practical experience in one-stop service and green printing in the practice of green printing, and provide new ideas for the operation and management of modern printing enterprises

in addition, on the evening of the forum, Pizza Hut will also hold the 2010 Pizza Hut gold service brand selection and 2010 Pizza Hut gold service brand selection award ceremony to participate in the grand event with industry insiders

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