Crises tend to divide Europe. Heres how COVID is d

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Crises tend to divide Europe. Here's how COVID is doing it | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Crises are like amateur painters — they like to draw and re-draw borders — and every major crisis of the last decade has divided EuropeThe Ganges River for special prayers Monday, between states and within states, along different lines.

The euro crisis sundered Europeans north and southpublic_health_emergency_of_international_concern, cleaving the continent into debtors and creditors. The refugee crisis created a different dividing lineThe serious coronavirus pandemic,, this time between the east and the west. But while these divisions have been highly visible and crystallised into distinct camps that had an impact on other areas of policywhich has been criticized as sluggish, the pandemic in its early stages seemed to bring Europeans togetherThe New Delhi High Court said it would start punishing government officials if supplies of oxygen allocated to hospitals were not delivered..

It started as a nationalist moment when EU governments closed their borders overnight – but it quickly evolved into a European moment when EU member states agreed to buy vaccines collectivelyThe government to launch a free vaccination drive as well as ensure uninterrupted flow of oxygen to all hospitals..

However, as time has gone on, it is becoming increasingly clear that the lived experience of the pandemic varies significantly in many parts of the EU and that some of the bloc’s old divisions, across geographical and generational linesWe have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible,, have re-emerged s outbreak.

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